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Based out of Lago Vista, Texas (Northwest Austin), Jeff and Jenn bring some spice and laughter to the Texas MTB scene, always making it interesting!  Jeff raced BMX professionally through his late teens and early 20’s, then taking a break to serve our country in the United States Air Force before meeting his wife Jenn. They have been married going on 18 years and have a 15-year-old daughter Savanna.  He has earned multiple titles in his amateur BMX career including, 5x National winner, 6x Maryland State Champion, 4x District Champion, 2x Texas State Champion, Gold Cup Champion,  and after recovering from a horrific accident breaking his pelvis , Jenn helped Jeff rehab and make the 2020 UCI World Championship USA race team in the Masters class. Unfortunately,  the race was cancelled due to Covid lockdowns.  During Jeff’s recovery he launched a Lifestyle brand called Thrive, Specializing in Carbon rims and racewear. Within 3 months the Thrive national race team took their first team win at the Cajun Nationals.  After losing the business Jeff took a break from the Bike industry, realigning himself and focused on what was most important, his marriage and family. During his sabbatical, Jeff found a new love, DH Mountain Biking.  And the greatest thing about this was he got to share it with his wife Jenn.  Mountain Biking has become a huge part their life and community.  It has also helped heal their marriage,  giving them something to enjoy together, and connect others dealing with similar struggles in life. (Jenn has a knack for helping injured middle aged men too, lol... They just seem to find us on the trails).

Jenn, a well-respected trainer/coach in the fitness industry has helped countless clients achieve their goals, whether that be fitting into those favorite pair of jeans or getting ready for the next race or competition, she has a program for you.  Jenn and Jeff recently launched their new business endeavor, The Lift Lifestyle. With the vison of specializing in all sports lift related,, is a one stop hub to prepare you for the mountain.  Offering personal workout routines (The Lift Life app available on Apple and Android)for serious athletes, nutrition tips to fuel your body, and high-quality apparel so you are fully equipped to hit the trails and slopes.  In addition to their business, they have launched “The Beard and Biceps Podcast”.  A Place for Texas Mountain Bikers to get the latest news, reviews, laughs, and dirt on the Texas and national MTB scene.  Look for reviews from our favorite bike parks, parts, and bikes to stay up to date on the latest and greatest.  We want you to be fully prepared and spend your money where you get the most out of it and the best experience. 

Jeff and Jenn also have a huge heart for ministry and helping people.  Jeff was a Worship Pastor for 10 years with Jenn by his side as they navigated life and what their calling was. Over the last 4 years God has transformed their marriage, family, and friendship.  They are  songwriters, currently working on their first worship album together.  “We want to be a beacon of light for struggling couples.  Through our faith in Jesus we have discovered a new love.  Not just for mountain biking, but more importantly, with each other, and God!"

We Love God and we Love people.  We thank you for supporting our vision and remember we are %100 Veteran owned and love our country.  A portion of every sale will go to help USA Vets.

God Bless you and your family,

Jeff and Jenn Miller


The Lift Lifestyle LLC

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